Brainstorm 2014 Keynote

The Magic of Tech: Lessons from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry

Tech Magic in the Classroom:

  • Imagine students building a robot theater based on a story, poem or point in history they are studying. They can do that with the Hummingbird robotics kit. Art & Bots has a curriculum guide for that.
  • Imagine students designing a video games combining language arts curriculum with a geological study. They can do that with Gamestar Mechanic or Scratch. Kevin Hodgson has shared tons of resources about his classroom experience doing this.
  • Imagine students creating a digitally interfaced book - telling their story by connecting their book with online content. They can do that by wiring up their book with MaKey MaKey. Digital IS has all the details.
  • Imagine students responding to writing prompts by remixing the prompt to create their own online content. Chad Sansing has shared his writing prompts created with Mozilla Thimble.
  • Imagine students solving the real world problem of turning their library into a multi-use space. They can do that with FabLab Modelmaker, TinkerCad and a 3D-printer. Jennifer Whitenack is doing this with 3rd graders now.
  • Imagine students addressing a global health crisis. They can do that with the Pumpkin Tooth Replacement Project which seeks to provide low cost 3D printed replacement teeth as a means of addressing this global problem. Ask Josh Ajima of Design, Make, Teach about this fun project.
  • Imagine learning basic coding skills with your students. You can do that with the Hour of Code.
  • Share your tech magic experiences from the classroom @ the Magic of Tech padlet