Curriculum/Lessons Plans/Tutorials

Game Design Platforms

  • Alice (PC & Mac) - programming in a 3D environment (intermediate)
  • Corona SDK Starter (PC & Mac) - game design platform for apps (advanced)
  • Craftyy (online) - learn about making games with HTML 5 by remixing games
  • Game Adventure Studio (PC) - bring your adventure game to life (intermediate)
  • Gamestar Mechanic (online) - learn to create a game by playing a game (beginner)
  • Game Maker Studio (PC & Mac) - game design platform to create casual, social games (advanced)
  • Game Salad (PC & Mac) - game design engine for multiple platforms including mobile (advanced)

  • Mozilla Appmaker (online) - create mobile apps (beginner)
  • PyGames (open source) - a set of Python modules designed for writing games
  • Scratch (online) - create and share interactive stories, games, music and art (beginner)
  • Stencyl (PC & Mac) - web and mobile game creator (intermediate)
  • TouchDevelop (online) - create mobile games (beginner)
  • Twine (PC & Mac) - create your own interactive adventure game (intermediate)
  • Unreal Engine (PC) - 3D game making developer kit (advanced)
  • Unity (PC & Mac) - 3D game design engine (advanced)

Programming languages

  • Alice (open source) - 3D programming, good follow-on to Scratch
  • App Inventor - MIT Center for Mobile Learning
  • Blockly (online) - program your way through a maze and other blockly apps
  • Hackety Hack (PC & Mac) - learn Ruby programming
  • KidsRuby - fun and make games, or hack your homework using Ruby
  • NetLogo (open source) - programmable modeling environment, great for introducing students to programming
  • PythonAnywhere (web-based) - python programming in your browser
  • Processing (open source) - learn programming fundamentals within a visual context
  • Small Basic(PC) - programming environment for learning from Microsoft
  • SNAP! (online) - offshoot of Scratch created at UC Berkley with advanced features
  • StarLogo (open source) - 3D simulations, next step after NetLogo


  • - free learning to code resources
  • CodeHS - programming with Karel
  • Computer Science Student Network - this network from Carnegie Mellon will help you get connected to lots of fun activities
  • CSTA - Computer Science Teachers Association
  • Get Caught Engineering - STEM learning resources geared toward elementary children
  • ScratchEd - online where Scratch educators share stories, exchange resources, ask questions & find people
  • Tech-Girls - resources and community to support girls in tech


  • CodeSpells (Mac) - learn to program by crafting your own magic spells
  • Games for Change - catalyzing social impact through digital games
  • light-Bot & light-Bot 2.0 (online) - program the bot to light things up
  • pursuit of hat (online) - strategy game @ kongregate (lots of cool games here)
  • Robo Rally (online) - a robo rally programming game (select Examples of Play -> Mini Rally Training Ground)
  • whizzball (online) - create & share your puzzles

Other Resources