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Let’s Get Physical with Scratch: Sensors, Robots & Consoles @ ISTE

  • Kim Wilkens (@kimxtom), Tech-Girls Founder & Patrice Gans (@reesegans), K-8 representative to the CSTA
  • Learn how to incorporate external sensors and input devices into your Scratch projects. We’ll examine a variety of projects, utilizing different input devices, that participants can remix and share.

Prep for BYOD session @ ITSE

  • Sign-up for a free a Scratch account
  • Get Scratch! You can use the new online version, Scratch 2.0 or download Scratch 1.4 (support for Windows, Mac or Unbuntu)
    • Note: to interface with WeDo, PicoBoards and Kinect, you will need to use Scratch 1.4
    • Note: Scratch will not work on mobile devices. Berkeley has created a Scratch-like programming environment called SNAP! that will work on mobile devices, but physical computing interfaces will not work with mobile devices.
  • If you are new to Scratch, these cards provide a quick & easy way to learn to code
  • The Scratch Projects we will use can be found in the ISTE CS4All Studio. Please feel free to use & remix anytime.

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