Kinect2Scratch: Music, Mayhem & More

On it's own, Scratch is an amazing platform that engages students in collaboration, social practice, problem solving, creativity & systems thinking as well as empowering student agency & self-efficacy. Scratch plus a Kinect gaming console extends this learning into the physical world. Scratch is free & developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. Kinect2Scratch is free & developed by Stephen Howell, a computer science lecturer with the Institute of Technology Tallaght, Dublin, Ireland.


This MentorMob playlist includes an overview of Kinect2Scratch from Stephen Howell, a couple of students showing off their games as well as detailed tutorials on getting started with Kinect2Scratch. Download Scratch programs from tutorial at Kinect2Scratch gallery.

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Get started with Scratch

  • Sign-up for a free a Scratch account
  • Download Scratch (support for Windows, Mac or Unbuntu)
  • If you are new to Scratch, these cards provide a quick & easy way to learn new code

Get started with Kinect2Scratch (Windows 7/8 only)

  • Kinect for XBox or Windows (must have its own power supply & USB connection)Request a download link for Kinect2Scratch

  • Download & unzip Kinect2Scratch somewhere you can find it later
  • Plug in the Kinect (ensure you have 6 feet of cleared space with no traffic behind)
  • Open Kinect2Scratch
  • Have someone stand in front of Kinect until red skeleton appears in Kinect2Scratch window
  • Click Connect to Scratch
  • Open Scratch
  • At this point, you can open one of the sample projects or to begin creating a project from scratch, go to the Sensing area and right click on <Slider Sensor Value> Block. Select 'enable remove sensor connections'
  • Check out the Setup Guide for further instructions

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