Turtle shapes

Turtle Shape Editor

Now that you have your turtles moving, you are ready to learn how to change the shape, size and color of your turtles. Let's start by creating a new turtle shape. Select Tools -> Turtle Shapes Editor -> New. Create a new shape with the tools provided and give your shape a name, then select OK. You can also find many shapes to use by selecting Import from Library.

Setting the shape or any other attribute of a turtle is a turtle function. So try out the following code in the Command Center, substituting the name of your newly created shape where you see myshape. Remember crt is an observer command and the rest are turtle commands.

crt 1

set shape "myshape"
set color white
set size 3

Create buttons

Now that you've learned so many different commands, an easy way to reuse those commands without having to type them in all the time in the Command Center is by creating a button. To create a button, you select the +Add and then click somewhere in the white space below. A button dialog box should appear. Type the following Observer commands into your button and give it a Display name of setup then select OK.

crt 10

Click on your new setup button. Did 10 turtles just get created? Now try creating a button to change the shape, color and size of your turtles. Remember, these are Turtle commands.

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